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Upskilling in a Saturated World

If there’s one phrase I keep hearing time and time again, it’s 'employers aren’t looking for just grades anymore'.

I don’t have the experience to comment on whether this holds any truth but the fact that it frequently crops up from a wide range of people in different industries speaks wonders.

This got me thinking, how do I increase my potential? I completed the official Google AdWords and Google Analytics courses online to help further my knowledge into understanding marketing techniques and using these insights to make better business decisions. I also completed a 5-day course on Business Analysis through work.

But is this enough? And why should I do this on top of a university degree?

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Honestly, at this stage I’ve found it difficult utilising them in the real-world however it has given me a fresh perspective when approaching problems as to what resources are available. I do believe both will be extremely useful in one way or another in the future and have heard both Google courses crop up repeatedly by employers.

Other courses like the (free) Leadership and Service Workshops provided by Auckland Uni are fantastic at discovering the thought processes other people go through when working in teams and how they compare to your own. These are about 4 hours so quite long but really helped me understand how other people think.


Lesson learned

I think there is true value to be had in challenging and upskilling yourself beyond the 'bare minimum' that is required. No time is too late and it's always worth being on top of what's leading the industry.

So ask yourself...what’s your competitive edge? 


This was previously written as part of a LinkedIn series.


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