The Impossible List

'What the flip-flopping French toast is this' I hear you ask? Well, let me explain...


Know what a bucket list is? Great, well throw that out the window because it's the total opposite of that. A bucket list is something you write half-arsed on the back of a piece of paper when you're feeling momentarily inspired, and then fail to look at again or do anything about.


The Impossible List however is full of dynamic, ever-changing challenges that continuously build upon themselves to help you reach your goals and push yourself to the next step. The idea originated with Joel Runyon but I became inspired of the one by Thomas Frank.

I thought it was a really cool idea and wanted to do one myself. It's quite personal but I feel like sharing it will hold myself to account as well as hopefully inspire others (like you!) to start their own.

If you want some tips to create your own list or if you can help me out with any of my goals, please do get in touch!

Most recently achieved
  • Learn archery (November 2022)

  • Make AUD $10k gross in a month (October 2022)

  • Run up an escalator in the wrong direction (October 2022)

  • Swim 1km in under 18 minutes (September 2022)

Current focusses​​
  • Start a business

  • Bench 90kg

  • Do 100 pushups in a row

  • Do 100 pushups in a row

  • Complete the Mt Everest Challenge (November 2020)

  • Do 10 pull-ups unsupported (January 2021)

  • Run a 5km (September 2021)

  • Squat 120kg (August 2020)

  • Bench 90kg

  • Do a handstand

  • Play in a football game

  • Play in a netball game (December 2019)

  • Learn archery (November 2022)

  • Learn fencing

  • Swim 1km in under 18 minutes [17:48] (September 2022)

  • Be able to bust a break dance move

  • Learn to surf (January 2015)

    • Stay on the board longer than 5 seconds​

  • Play volleyball on Santa Monica beach​

  • Achieve 5 football keepy-ups (March 2020)

    • Achieve 10 football keepy-ups​ [current record: 16] (April 2020)

    • Achieve 20 football keepy-ups

Mount Everest Challenge.JPG
  • Go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter (August 2011)

    • Go to Warner Bros. Studio Tour (July 2013)​

  • Volunteer in an African community

  • Travel to New York

  • Do a Europe trip

  • Climb Mount Kosciuzsko [highest point in Australia] (April 2022)

  • Party it up in Ibiza

  • Drive Route 66 in a convertible

  • Go on a road trip in a VW van

  • Participate in the Rickshaw Run across India

  • Float up in a hot air balloon

  • Go to 10 different countries (October 2022) - see map below

    • Go to 20 different countries​ [10/20 complete]

  • ​Travel to Cathy's Corner on Mt Hollywood Drive

  • Move to another country without a plan (August 2021)

  • Complete high school with NCEA Level 3 (November 2015)

  • Graduate university with 2 degrees

    • Do it in 4 years (November 2019)

    • Pay off student loan [NZD $56,864.53 remaining... yes really]

  • Start a business

  • Create a significant change in the world

  • Model for a photoshoot and get paid for it (November 2016)

  • Ride around on a mobility scooter and get paid for it (January 2017)

  • Type faster than 60 WPM [current: 79 WPM] (July 2022)

  • Make AUD $10k gross in a month (October 2022)

Alex Nelson photoshooting for Picton signage
  • Start a podcast

  • Start a personal website (June 2018)

  • Start a YouTube channel (May 2013)

  • Memorise the exact order of a shuffled deck of cards (November 2018)

  • Name all 50 states of America​​ (August 2018)

  • Name all 197 countries in the world and their locations (July 2018)

    • In under 10 minutes [current record 5:17] (August 2018)

    • Identify their flags [current record 5:14]​ (November 2018)

    • Identify their capital cities [current record 6:49] (May 2019)

  • Become fluent in Spanish

  • Read one book a month for at least a year

  • Memorise 100 digits of Pi in a day [completed 2.5 hours] (May 2020)

  • Start a blog (June 2018)

    • Write 10 film reviews​ for it (3/10)

  • Ride a skateboard (March 2020)

  • Juggle 3 balls (January 2020)

  • Be able to ice-skate confidently

  • Pass and hold a full drivers licence (August 2015)

  • Achieve a 100-day unbroken streak on Wordle (July 2022)

  • Complete a sexaginta-quattuordle [64 Wordles at once] (July 2022)

  • Run up an escalator in the wrong direction (October 2022)

  • Have a Bublé bath (June 2020)

  • Own a home cocktail bar

  • Attend a major film premiere [Bullet Train] (August 2022)

    • Now with the red carpet and celebs

  • Attempt a successful Guinness World Record (September 2021)

  • Do a skydive

  • Jump off the Sky Tower (August 2021)

  • Ride a segway scooter (July 2013)

  • Rock up to the high-school ball in an ice-cream van (September 2014)

  • Attend 5 concerts (November 2020)

    • Attend 10 concerts​ [8/10 complete - Ed Sheeran, Drax Project, Katy Perry, Anne-Marie, The Beths, Six60, There's a Tuesday, Hayden James]

  • Attend a music festival [attended 5] (December 2020)​

  • Meet David Tennant (my childhood star)

  • Watch 500 different films (January 2020)

    • Watch 600 different films​ (January 2021)

    • Watch 700 different films (July 2022)

  • Watch an Olympic game live in the stadium

  • Fly in a helicopter

  • Unlock a door with a credit card (March 2017)