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Fitness: A Constant Swing and a Miss

This one’s always been a massive challenge for me.

For all my years, motivating myself to get fit and active has been a constant struggle. Whenever I actually do get round to it though, I absolutely love it! It’s refreshing, it feels good, and it even helps stimulate your brain. Amazing right?

Just look at that... straight in the pond

The past year has made a somewhat small dent in this weakness but nowhere near the level I want to be at.

I applied for a programme called The Business Course - a golf programme designed to pair (or should that be par) up students with business mentors over 6 weeks whilst playing golf. It was the first time the Business School had run such a programme and it was brilliant!

We were able to have proper in-depth talks with business professionals from a wild variety of industries. This is something that would never happen normally due to them being extremely busy - the absolute best you'd get is a 15-minute coffee chat!

Milling around trying to look the part

Not only this but we were able to learn a completely new sport in the process. Ex-Prime Minister John Key even popped in for a round in the final week.

There are a lot of stereotypes about golf, that it's only played by 'old' people and it's 'boring' but it's only when you give it a shot that it becomes apparent how inaccurate these comments are. It's a fantastic way to meet new people and spark up a conversation over just about anything whilst getting out and about.

Who's this handsome chap?

Golf's quite a different sport in that it's pretty relaxed and not physically draining. That being said, it takes a lot of concentration and getting the right technique every time is extremely difficult. For the first few times, we were all useless with balls going left, right and (occasionally) centre!

If you want to find out more, you can watch a 4-minute clip that was broadcast on Holden Golf World.

The entire golf team - squad up!

I want to focus on getting fit more over the coming months. How are you smashing your weaknesses?


This story was originally posted as part of a written series for LinkedIn.


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