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Entrepreneurship: More Than Just a Big Word?

The idea of starting your own business is one that I’ve only become more familiar with in the past year. I used to be ignorant enough to not care about anything I hadn't heard or seen advertisements about. Small start-ups seemed pointless as I simply didn't hear about them.

However, having played a part in a start-up over the summer of 2017-18, I’ve come to appreciate just how big an undertaking it is!

The idea of making something that’s wholly unique from other offerings already out there is extremely difficult as well as balancing so many different components (i.e. customer value, finances, marketing, deadlines etc).

This year, I’ve offered up my time to be a part of a university entrepreneurship organisation called Velocity. It’s completely free and assists anyone with an idea turn it into a reality through financial support as well as allowing others to meet a huge range of people across many industries.

The Velocity team posing like they're the hottest thing since sliced bread.

I don’t consider myself that good at coming up with ideas (rather building on others) but listening to what others have to say is the best source of inspiration. Velocity host regular events including the Innovation Challenge and respective Prizegiving, the perfect opportunity to submit an idea to get money and hear what everyday students are coming up with.

It's also really easy and interesting to have a conversation with someone else about a new idea they've thought on and is a great chance to even be a part of it.

You never know, it might even help you think up the next big thing...


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