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Every Movie I've Ever Watched... Ever

If you know me, you'll know when it comes to relax time, I'm a big fan of films.


I love the many different stories they tell in a whole wealth of genres - the directing styles, the cinematography, the creative ways of telling a narrative. It's such a complex process just making a single picture with so many elements to think of, and I thrive off discussing all these parts plus other people's own interpretations afterwards.


Below is a list of every film I've ever watched. I document each one and review it with a score from 1-10 straight after watching it (bit weird, I know). Do note that these scores are flexible and can change with time or repeat viewings.


If you're on desktop, you can sort or filter the list to see it ordered in different ways (i.e. rating order, genre, year of release).

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Last updated: 5 February 2023 (750 films)

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